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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Gordon Ramsey Apologizes for a Change

I used to be a big fan of Gordon Ramsey. I was fooled by his slick Kitchen Nightmares show into thinking he may be a decent fellow. But then I got really mad by his ongoing insulting comments about vegetarians. (Look, if I don't want to eat meat, then it's really none of your business so just shut up.) Then I learned about his weird affair with some professional mistress. Then I learned that the business acumen that he flaunts in the show is actually not that great...his empire is struggling mightily.

So, now I think he's actually quite a jerk. So I was glad to see that he had to apologize to an Australian journalist for offensive remarks about her appearance. He claimed that his mother made him do it, but rumors are flying that his mother never said a word to him about it.

The guy just needs to keep his big mouth shut sometimes.

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