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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Continue Blogging or Not?

Well, this is post number 1982, and I guess we're sort of suffering a crisis of confidence. Do we keep going or give it up? A blog is a voracious beast (or critter!) that needs to be fed constantly.

We've been at this for a long time, and just wonder what the payback is. Not as in financial, but just in a sense of wondering if it does any good. We both work full time, so it's not like we have time to go out and do original reporting. So, we obviously rely on The Google to find the stories we post. Sometimes we have time to comment, sometimes we don't. That then raises the question of whether there's any value added (Ana does a much better job at that then I do, because she's more committed).

I don't think we're ready to quit. But, I suppose we're trying to think about where to go from here.


Bea Elliott said...

Hello... of course you should not give up your blog - You have no idea what effect you have... Spreading the word - as many times as we can is a weapon we should not give up.

As an example - on a personal level... when I first connected what was happening to animals - I searched for days on end for more objective information on the web... so I could learn all that was hidden from me. I came across dozens of blogs (all new to me) - each with their own message and way of revealing lies. It helped me so much. I can only think that there are others out there that will face the same need. That's why I keep mine going too - to reach that "one"... to make whatever difference I can here on the web.

The battle is just heating up. Animal ag has got an all out campaign to "get their story heard" - via the web. I think now more than ever we've got to stick with it... Tell the story of the animals in labs, in cages, in factory farms, in zoos, in the ocean - Please... please don't stop being their voice.

Where to go from here? Forward. You make more of a difference than you realize! :)

Zucchini Breath said...

I don't comment as much as I should but I read your blog religiously. Please keep posting. You provide a valuable service.

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