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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Wisconsin-Madison Cleared by USDA

The University of Wisconsin-Madison was cleared of animal welfare violations in a report released yesterday. It had twenty violations back in December 2009...
According to the ten-page detailed report from December, the USDA cited sanitation, ventilation and enclosure concerns within the Center’s facilities. In one case, a pen housing a large pig was constructed with slats that regularly caused the pig to fall when its feet fell through.

The report also noted a lack of cleanliness in some facilities. Dried blood, dust and floor stains were cited as deficiencies. Dirty air filters and an “excessive accumulation of flies” were also named as concerns.

Of course they passed the January inspection. They had to do so after the December report or heads would probably roll. But I find it hard to believe they won't let their standards fall again.

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