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Monday, January 4, 2010

Dogtown Episode 3 - The Vick Dogs

This final episode in the three-episode Season 1 disc was about the Vick dogs taken in by Best Friends for rehabilitation. (Be warned, there were some dog-fighting clips in the episode.) But I'm glad I watched it because I learned a lot.

Rescuing the Vick dogs was a controversial move by Best Friends and some animal groups, most notably PETA, did not agree with it. I'm a dues-paying member of both groups but, while I support euthanasia when it is CLEARLY an act of mercy, I come down pretty hard on Best Friends' side here.

I think that the Vick dogs are a high-profile case that gets attention. And the dogs deserve a happy life after all the suffering they have been through (two of them have already been adopted.) Plus, it was Best Friends' decision to take the dogs and the issue is between them and their donors.

True, there are adoptable animals who do not get a spot at Best Friends because the Vick dogs are there, but I'm not of the opinion that just because you can't save all of them, then you shouldn't try to save any of them.

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