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Sunday, January 3, 2010

McKee Project Helps Latin America's Strays

This is a good group. Check them out.

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Adventure Logs said...

I was referred to the McKee Project because I was told there was a way to possibly list it on my blogging site "Central America by Motorcycle" ( as a place for people reading my blog to be able to give something back by donating to some good local Central American cause. I have had a lot of set backs trying to set anything up with orphanages in Costa Rica, I was told I could get arrested for exploiting children. On my motorcycle trip thru Central America in 2008 I saw stray dogs that were just in horrible shape and wondered if there was anyone outside of those countries that are trying to do something about this problem. Especially at the Mexico/Guatemala border, but every country had strays that were in horrible shape. Anyway I have 2 more posts to finish up the entire trips blog and then in the last post I would like to list some good charities my readers can send donations to hopefully in exchange for simply reading the blog. Abused women in Costa Rica would be one charity I know of, like I said the orphanages I didn't get very far with due to a fear of eploitation of children. Stray and abandoned animals in Central America would be another great cause. If anyone can think of any others, I would need the address for either people to send money to, or preferabley a good account like Pay Pal that people felt trusting enough to use for donations. I don't think anyone would, or should send money by mail for anything anywhere, especially in C.A. Again any thoughts or ideas of how I could set up a list of worthy charities on my blogging site,and a way to get them money safely would be appreciated... Yours in good causes and animal rights.... Doug French

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