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Monday, January 25, 2010

WA State Man Loses Hunting License Over Elk Killing

This guy is a real piece of work. Click on the link and see the picture. It says it all.


Bea Elliott said...

What the judge said... that "this animal was a prize possession of each and every citizen who enjoys the park, and that possession has been taken away" - misses the whole point that this animals LIFE was his PRIZED POSSESSION that was taken away! What a miserable photo & horrible story! :(

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

he broke the law and should be punished, as far as taking an animals life there is no injustice to that. If you think so than I'm sorry, as for me, venison, elk deer and more are a part of my very healthy lifestyle.

Bea Elliott said...

Hi ~dw~
I disagree that taking a life without cause is justifiable. It's not like killing is a matter of "survival"... at least not considering that we are communicating via the internet. There are thousands of options which would be better choices.

And just because something, (like taking another species life via "hunting") is "legal", it does not make it morally acceptable.

I too am sorry you feel otherwise.

Unknown said...

And you are the one to decide what and who is morally acceptable? I dont' have a problem with those who are vegan or do not believe in hunting, fine. I don't try to outlaw vegans.
But I'm getting sick of people that are trying to outlaw a way of life for millions, you know there is a place between New York, Florida and California called AMERICA? so what better choices do you have in mind for those millions of normal healthy diet meat eaters?

Anonymous said...


Even plants are alive. You know that right? Who gives you the right to kill a vegetable? The way I see it an animal has the chance to run away (known as fair chase) and a poor little plant has no choice to run away.

Bea Elliott said...

Hi Anonymous - Yes, of course I know biology 101: Animal, vegetable, mineral.

I also know that animals have central nervous systems and are aware of their existence. We are all "sentient" beings with a strong desire to continue our lives.

I find it difficult at times approaching this "logic" that "plants feel pain"... Or that there is no difference between a carrot and a cat! I am frustrated because it is so elementary that even a 5 year old comprehends the consequences of picking a dandelion and hitting a bird with a stone.

And even so --- If one were truly concerned with "plant suffering" wouldn't they adopt a diet that didn't necessity the fattening of animals with the plant matter - And just eat the vegetation directly? We would all "save" a lot of plants by doing so.

And is the hunting of "game" animals really a "fair" "sport"? Of course the hunter thinks so... I suppose the idea of a sport - is to "win"... or to "get out alive". Now as far as I know, the "contestant" prey stands to "loose" his/her life... However, the other "contestant" predator (the hunter), only stands to loose time/money/effort... The stakes are not "equal" - AT ALL! So how on this lovely earth can you possibly consider this a "fair" rivalry?

Now, ~dw~ - You ask who am I to decide? You and your ilk get to decide an Other's end. That's serious business- to take a life... It bears the consequences of being judged. Good/bad - Right/wrong... We do it all the time! Certainly something as severe as "hunting" deserves much critical examination. And the frivolous "justifications" do warrant rejection.

So, ~dw~ Do you say that what you do is "right" because you are following "millions". Is that it? Strength in numbers? Might makes right? I don't know... deciding ethics according to crowd consensus, mob rule, or "tradition", just isn't my thing. I also think THAT's un"American".

Your final question was: so what better choices do you have in mind for those millions of normal healthy diet meat eaters?

First, what is or isn't "normal" - is a relative term. There are millions who see consuming dead animal parts as being very UN-normal. As for myself, I've managed wonderfully on a plant based diet. I have no problems with health... Nor are there any negative impacts to my decision to be vegan.

Considering the minimum harm to others... And the immense benefits - I would suggest to those between New York, Florida and California... and the civilized world - To adopt a vegan diet. But I think you knew that already! ;)

Thanks Critter News for letting me use up so much of your bandwidth... I was "Provoked", and I could not resist... :)

Anonymous said...

Bea, thank you for sharing your opinion. I would be happy to adopt your vegan lifestyle, however I have to side with the millions of others who hunt and eat meat. However, as soon as you have won over the bears, cats, canines, raptors, and other creatures who eat other animals, I will be more than happy to join you.

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