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Monday, January 11, 2010

Animal Diseases Poised to Spread to Humans

And people actually believe we've conquered nature?
The world is facing a growing threat from new diseases that are jumping the human-animal species barrier as a result of environmental disruption, global warming and the progressive urbanisation of the planet, scientists have warned.

At least 45 diseases that have passed from animals to humans have been reported to UN agencies in the last two decades, with the number expected to escalate in the coming years.

Dramatic changes to the environment are triggering major alterations to human disease patterns on a scale last seen during the industrial revolution. Montira Pongsiri, an environmental health scientist at the US Environmental Protection Agency in Washington, says that previous transitions in human history have had a devastating impact in terms of the spread of disease.

1 comment:

Bea Elliott said...

Humm... They just discovered swine flu in Hong Kong pigs.

Of course their "pork" is just as "safe to eat" as our own sick animals are! LOL!

Literally "sickening".

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