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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Eating Cats and Dogs Could Become Illegal in China

The legislation is only being drafted right now and there's a long way to go I suspect before such laws would pass. You can already read the excuses being cited in this article.

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Andrew said...


The move to ban dog eating would certainly be a good thing, but enforcement would be difficult given the extent to which the practice is so entrenched in culture over there.

The whole dog industry over there is a disgrace. I haven't actually been to China, but in Korea, dogs are beaten prior to being killed (apparently, the adrenaline makes the meat more tender), and riding through the countryside, I saw plenty of examples of dogs being kept in cages so small that they could hardly stand up.

The practice of 'pet snatching' to which the article refers is said to be quite common as well.

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