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Friday, January 22, 2010

Colorado State Cited for Animal Research Violations

Another university cited. The animal research supporter I know says "we can do a better job of treating lab animals."

Yah think?

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Unknown said...

okay, first off, a dog escaping? that is inhumane treatment? Secondly a kitten dying due to what we refer to here in America as "AN ACCIDENT". yes it died, too sad, and yes it was a freak accident. Granted there are now only 9,765,988,456,88,120,999 cats left in the world and populating daily. The third?
“The incident refers to a researcher who deviated from a protocol in how animals were handled. The protocol had been previously approved for a project by the USDA,” university officials said. “The university is continuing to work closely with the USDA and is committed to taking all appropriate measures to address the issue.”
well that tells us alot.
Left winged nut, liberal overblown propaganda.

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