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Friday, April 11, 2008

Watch Out for Pet Food Prices

Food prices are rising fast. Just google "rising food prices" and you'll get a ton of articles re: how prices are rising, food security is at risk, the sky is falling, we're doomed, etc.

Here's an article about how pet food prices are rising Hong Kong.

Panic over food supply shortages and rising prices have spread to pet owners who are facing 20 percent hikes to feed their pets.

Pet food prices have soared 10 to 20 percent since February.

But many people will bite the bullet for their animals.

What we find amazing time and time again is that pet owners would rather sacrifice buying food for themselves than food for their pets," said Peter de Krassel, director of Pets Central, which has four outlets in the city.

If only this love of animals could spread throughout the rest of China....

Photo by lisacat.

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