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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Still Trying to Get that Elephant in a Bubble

This stupid trick is still being planned. It's the one where some idiot is going to encase an elephant in a bubble. Now, it will be held in an undisclosed location because of "animal rights extremists."

Bubble artist Fan Yang's earlier plan to perform the world-record-setting feat at the Santa Ana Discovery Science Center's Bubblefest fell apart when the science institution came under fire from animal-rights groups for using a critically endangered species in a "trivial and sensationalist manner...."

"We didn't think it was fair that a group of animal-rights extremists were using this to push their agenda of taking elephants out of human care," Johnson {the owner} said. "Nothing about putting Tai in the bubble would cause her any harm. The elephants like the bubbles, especially the babies they touch and walk after them."

The elephant Tai is a stunt elephant. 'Nuff said. We see how her owners earn their living.

Photo by oddharmonic.

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