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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

One of the Worst Animal Abuse Cases in New Zealand

Sad story out of New Zealand.

Drought and a negligent owner led to the confiscation of 30 sick and starving horses in South Auckland. Many were euthanized because they were too sick or wild for rehabilitation.

The elderly owner, responsible for the carnage, is ill and failed to have a drought plan in place for when the grazing dried up.

"Help could have been called for, should have been called for - wasn't," says Bob Kerridge of the SPCA.

The 73-year-old breeder is severely ill with cancer and as a consequence the SPCA has decided not to pursue a prosecution against him despite being acutely aware that they could come under public criticism.

But the SPCA says the animals are its top priority and they have been able to get the breeder to sign the animals over to them, which is what the SPCA wanted.

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