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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Vick's Dogs Enjoying Life at Best Friends

Twenty-two of the rescued Michael Vick pitbulls (now known as the Vick-tory dogs) are enjoying life at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. For an update on their adventures, check out the website of this wonderful organization and its blog.

PETA did not agree with the rescue of these animals.

PETA argued that dogs trained for fighting should be destroyed because they are unsafe and unserviceable. PETA said the Vick money would have been better spent spaying and neutering, as well as providing care for more suitable and less well-known adoption candidates.

Being a pragmatic accountant, I can understand the cost-benefit argument that PETA makes. But I've seen the pictures that Best Friends has posted on their web site. In my honest opinion, these pictures are a powerful testament that PETA is wrong on this one.

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