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Friday, April 18, 2008

Animal Welfare in India Labeled "Divisive"

We don't always post articles we agree with, but it's important to draw attention to different points of view.

Here is an article calling animal welfare "divisive" in India.
Specifically, it cites the attempts to stop ‘jallikattu’ or the taming of trained bulls in Tamil Nadu.

The impassioned author raises the stakes by invoking British colonialism....

The resentment among the people in Tamil Nadu against the unnecessary imposition of other peoples’ values is somewhat similar to what happened 40 years back. Leaders like GB Pant and Seth Govind Das were passionate about kicking out ‘colonial and foreign’ English and making Hindi reign supreme all over India. Tamil people considered these people to be Hindi fanatics. When New Delhi tried to impose the language, the constitution was burnt at several places on Republic Day. Violence exploded and almost divided the country.

If India is to survive as one entity, it is necessary to first recognise that it is a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural and multi-lingual society to the extent of being multi-national. It is dangerous to impose the opinions of one section of people, whatever justification or clout they may have, on other sections – particularly their traditional practices.

Photo by Stuart Photography.

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