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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Canada's Weak Animal Protection Law to Get Slightly Less Weak

I would think that Canada would be a little more enlightened when it comes to something as basic as animal welfare. But, they aren't.

There is a proposal to strengthen the animal cruelty law
, but it is still weak.

They said the legislation simply raises the penalties in cruelty cases, but doesn't tighten up the laws.

"Bill S-203 is merely 1892 legislation adjusted for inflation," said Shelagh MacDonald, program director for the Canadian Federation of Humane Societies. "It leaves all the gaping loopholes and the offences unchanged.

"There is really very little value in increasing penalties when less than one per cent of animal abuse investigations result in a conviction."

For example, she said, the law requires proof of "wilful neglect" and that wording makes convictions extremely difficult.

She said Michael Vick, the disgraced NFL quarterback jailed in connection with a dog fighting scandal in Virginia, might have gone scot free in Canada.

Well, maybe I was wrong. Maybe Vick will be playing for the Grey Cup in a year or two...

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