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Monday, March 30, 2009

Quote of the Week

How many meat-eaters would cut the throat of a cow themselves, and hack open its belly with a knife to empty its intestines? But the thousands of daily deaths of animals are hidden away and on the butcher's shelf meat looks innocuous, nothing like the living thing it was. It is odd: we prosecute anyone who is cruel to a cow - by beating it or giving it electric shocks, say - yet the connection between that fact and the dinner table is rarely made.

-A.C. Grayling


Bea Elliott said...

This is so true. Will Tuttle mentions this in his World Peace book... the example is a chicken. Probably the most consumed (and abused) animals of all. What would happen if everytime someone bought "chicken" - it was slaughtered at the register upon payment. None but the very socially dangerous would be buyers. Yet, when someone else does the dirty deed - we are all "absolved"...

If only they could see the disconnect...

Andrew said...


I am curious, are, cows chickens, sheep and some of the other animals that we eat usually treated and killed in a humane manner?

Having had very little involvement with the agricultural industry in my life, I have never given a great deal of thought to the way that most of the animals which make up a standard part of my diet are treated and killed.

Personally, I am not opposed to the concept of killing animals for food, but at all times during the breeding process, I feel that animals need to be treated in a humane manner. This includes any slaughtering processes which are considered to be necessary.

mrbarky said...

Hi Andrew,

Thanks for the question! Please see my post for Wednesday, April 1.


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