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Monday, March 16, 2009

How Much is Your Animal Worth?

Here is an article about the high cost of vet care and the ethical questions of how much do you spend. I measure our cat Charlotte (pictured above in the masthead) in 42" HDTV's. She's at about 3 at the moment. Maybe 4 with all the meds and followup visits.
Do you ask the vet to euthanize the animal? Do you pay for the cat's medical treatment? If you decide to treat the cat, how much are you willing to pay? $100? $500? $5,000? Whatever it takes?
No more HDTV's for her.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for the post Ladykat. I read the whole article, but I will merely adress the headline; Fido's life is worth just as much as your life, or mine, or anybody's.

Animals lives and life experiences are every bit as important to them as our lives and experiences are to us. There is no qualitative or quantitative difference.

I firmly believe this. And this is why I too would go into debt to save an animal's life...just as I would to save my own.

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