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Monday, February 16, 2009

Kenny Glenn Abuses a Cat on Youtube

This is the news story that's sweeping the Internet. The video below is from the local news station and shows some edited footage of the abuse.

The worthless piece of excrement abusing the animal is Kenny Glenn, from Lawton OK. He's been arrested, but then remanded into the custody of his parents. The police will meet with him and his lawyers. I'm sure there's a sob story being concocted...he's just a kid, he's crying for attention, blah, blah, blah.

He knew what he was doing and he is a sick piece of work. In fact, he's an excellent subject for a medical experiment.

By the way, the cat Dusty is with a vet pending the results of the investigation. He should NEVER be returned to that family


Anonymous said...

i wish some kind of punishment would come out of a case like this, seeing this on the internet disturbs me, even though there are far worse things in the world, the kids obviously sick in the heaad. he was arrested yes, but will have nothing done to teach him a lesson. hopefully the enormous out pour of rage and anger towards the boy will teach him a lesson on some level, and i sincerely hope as well that this poor hero of an animal is not returned to that family, he deserves a life of gold.

Anonymous said...

There's a petition online to give justice to Dusty! Go sign it!

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