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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Australian Firefighter Rescues Koala

Lots of people have died in the wildfires in Australia, and I'm sure a lot of animals have suffered too. Here's a video of an Australian firefighter making a big difference to one little koala.

This critter was lucky, and was rescued. Here is a link to a story about her (now named Sam) and her new friend Bob.
(David) Tree, a volunteer with the Country Fire Authority Victoria, has visited Sam since her rescue and was delighted to see she had found a boyfriend in Bob.

'They've really taken a shine to each other as they are both burnt and share the same burnt smell,' he said.

'My heart goes out to the people in these fires and this was so innocent so people have used this to distract them from all the sad stuff that has gone on.

'It gives people a bit of hope.'

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