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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Calendar Facts

As I changed my calendars to February, I saw all this information printed on the January spread. Amazing what these calendars can contain.

From National Wildlife Federation...

The majestic gray wolf once roamed the United States from coast to coast and from Mexico to Canada. However, persecution by humans and loss of prey virtually eliminated the wolf from its natural habitat. Thanks to the Endangered Species Act and a successful reintroduction program in which NWF played a major role, the wolf is thriving again in the Yellowstone and Great Lakes areas. However, NWF continues to work to restore the wolf in areas where it still struggles. Visit to find out how to protect more threatened species.

From the Ocean Conservancy....

Less than 5 percent of the ocean has been explored.

90 percent of the world's biggest fish are gone from the ocean due to overfishing.

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