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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Animal Control Officer Shoots Cats Because They Hissed at Him

Seriously, how stupid and cowardly is this guy? A couple of cats hiss at him and he freaks out, gets out a gun and shoots them?
Lackawanna animal-control officer Frederick S. Grasso finally got his day in court Monday, testifying that he shot and killed three cats last June only after they had hissed and spat at him from the basement of a Lackawanna apartment complex.

“I opened the door, I took two steps downstairs, and three cats — the mother and two kittens — came at me,” Grasso testified at his daylong trial on two misdemeanor charges. “They were all hissing and spitting at me.”
My god, he must have been terrified. A mother and TWO kittens mind you. How scary is that?

I've captured a number of feral cats. Cats hiss when they are frightened. If they are aggressive, they growl. This guy is an ANIMAL CONTROL OFFICER and we are to believe that he doesn't know this? And I seriously doubt a mother with kittens is going to "come at him". She was telling him to keep away as any threatened mother would. If he doesn't get convicted he should be fired for general stupidity.

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