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Friday, June 20, 2008

How to Deal with a Global Warming Denier

Believe me, global warming deniers are everywhere. I have heard denials from even the people I would least suspect. They'll say global warming is "natural," it's just cyclical climate change. Or that humans really don't have that much of an impact.

Before you get into a shouting match, get prepared with this great web page on "How to Talk to a Climate Skeptic." I am going to study it closely.


Alec Rawls said...

Before immersing yourself in propaganda, don't neglect to look at the FACTS.

ALL the scientific evidence says that global temperature is driven by the solar wind. (We live INSIDE the sun's "atmosphere" if you want to call it that.)

If you want to see what the scientists say, read Fred Singer's, Unstoppable Global Warming, Every 1500 Years. And no, the IPCC report is NOT written by scientists. Its conclusions are written by POLITICIANS, and the vast majority of its "scientists" are not climatologists.

The few climatologists on board are not scientists either. They are environmental religionists like James Hansen, self-consciously lying in an effort to use the warming scare to curtail human economic activity, which they see as damaging to the environment. Of course they are wrong about that too. Economic progress allows us to do more with less and is GOOD for the environment.

mrbarky said...

Just because you say something is a "religion" doesn't make it so. In fact, I find that a pretty lame attempt to tar the entire scientific community with some sort of faith based evidence system.

Name some credible scientists (as in, those who are not paid shills for the oil industry) that deny human caused global warming. People that have articles in peer reviewed journals. That would exclude wingnut welfare journals like whatever the Cato Institute or Heritage Foundation put out.

Oh, and Fred Singer has accepted money from Exxon through his work with the Science and Environment Policy Project.

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