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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Chinese Olympic Animal Cruelty Trinkets

Chinese vendors are selling live goldfish in little plastic key rings. The goldfish don't last very long before they suffocate. Disgusting.
In the last miserable hours of its life it has just about enough room to turn around.

Its flimsy plastic home offers the goldfish no protection as it is carried through bustling streets, and can easily be pierced.

The keyrings – aimed predominantly at children – are already selling fast in markets in Qingdao, the city that will host the sailing events for this summer’s Games.

The figure on the front is of the five Olympics mascots.

I will not watch the games. Not one minute. Nobody in China will care, but then again, I have no interest in their spectacle. Animal cruelty happens in all countries. I understand that. But China has no laws against it, and in fact uses the power of the government to perpetuate the misery of so many animals.

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