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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Rapper DMX Arrested on Animal Cruelty and Drug Charges

Rapper DMX (real name Earl Simmons) has been arrested on animal cruelty and drug charges. This all started last August when sheriff's deputies were called to his house about several dogs that were allegedly mistreated. He had denied any wrongdoing, and blamed it on a caretaker he left in charge of the dogs while he was out on tour.
According to sheriff's deputies, five pit bull mix puppies were taken from the rapper's home by an animal control unit and will be taken to to a jail where they will be cared for by female inmates.

In August, deputies raided DMX's home and seized 12 pit bulls and pit bull mixes after receiving a report that the animals were being abused. No arrests were made at the time; authorities said that some of the dogs had apparently not been fed or watered but that there was no evidence of dogfighting.

The carcasses of three dogs were found partially buried on the property in August, and one of the dogs may have been burned, the sheriff's office said.
Dead dogs partially buried? This man should not be allowed to have animals.

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