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Friday, May 16, 2008

Makah Tribe Decides Not To Prosecute Illegal Whalers

So can someone explain to me why they should be entrusted with legal whaling? They said they would prosecute them. Now they decide they can't figure out how to do that. Disgusting.
A Makah tribal judge has deferred prosecution for five tribal members who killed a gray whale last September in an unsanctioned hunt off the Washington coast.

Wednesday's decision came months after the Makah Tribal Council had publicly promised to prosecute those responsible and had called the hunt "a blatant violation of our law."

Tribal Judge Stanley Myers had called more than 200 potential jurors but was unable to seat a jury since most either had strong opinions on the case or were related to the defendants, said one of the five, Wayne Johnson.
Again, why should they be trusted with legal whaling if they are INCAPABLE of enforcing their own regulations and laws on whaling? And these were the people complaining about outsiders regulating their so-called whaling culture.

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