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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I Won't Watch The Olympic Games in Beijing

I will not be watching the Olympic Games this year because of the rotten treatment of animals in China. I won't bother linking to any videos of the wretched conditions of dogs, cats and other animals in this post. That's easy enough to find on Youtube. I think it's fairly clear that animals are treated horribly there and that the government does very little to stop it.

This is China's time to shine. I can't do much about that other then to turn my back on this spectacle. A spectacle made "clean" I might add by scooping up and butchering every stray animal they can get their hands on in Beijing. That seems to be their way. I know the Chinese could care less if I choose to tune them out, but that's OK. I could care less about their Olympics.

So, while the athletes are competing, I'll be thinking and blogging about dogs and cats stuffed into cages too small to even stand, let alone turn around. And about children throwing live chickens into lion cages to be ripped apart for the amusement of the crowd. And about all the other cruel acts inflicted, not by criminals mind you, but either by the government itself, or with their blessing.

I hope others tune them out too. Turn off the games.


Unknown said...

I do suport your opinion. I will not watching Olympic Games too.

suzim said...

I'm glad - that makes 3 of us so far. I hope that others will boycott the games as well. We have to send a message to the Chinese that their cruelty to animals is inhumane and offensive. Of course, we are not lily pure but hopefully we are better than the Chinese.

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