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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Aussies Resume Live Cattle Exports to Egypt

Australia will again be exporting live cattle to Egypt. Shipments were halted recently due to allegations of animal cruelty.
Agriculture Minister Tony Burke, who planned to announce the agreement later Friday, told Fairfax newspapers that resumption of exports will be subject to strict conditions, including the cattle being handled according to international standards and slaughtered only at a new "high-quality" facility.

Exports were halted abruptly in 2006 after the previous government reacted to a television documentary showing cattle having their tendons slashed and their eyes poked out by Egyptian cattlemen.


Anonymous said...

and the Aust govt think things will be any different? But then the actions of industry and govt have NEVER been because of animal welfare- they really couldnt care less. Its about silencing ot trying to silence animal people so that they can carry out their blood trade to satisfy the unsatiable greed of exporters.

Anonymous said...

Australia and the live trade industry should be deeply ashamed of themselves.

They care nothing of the suffering so long as they make their miserable money.

Australia is such a cruel callous country to the animals within and to those they export..

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