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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Killing Greyhounds for Animal Research

One of the uglier aspects of greyhound racing is the fact that dogs that don't make the grade are simply killed. That's right, healthy animals are killed because it's cheaper and easier then getting them adopted out. There are groups like Greyhound Rescue in the US and a variety of groups in the UK that try to help, but it's an uphill battle.

Here is an interesting article in the Times about a breeder who sells greyhounds for animal research.
The largest breeder of greyhounds in Britain is offering to sell healthy young dogs to be killed and dissected for research, an investigation has found.

Charles Pickering told an undercover reporter that his breeding programme continually throws up dozens of “fit and healthy” dogs that are “just a bit too slow for the tracks” and therefore a financial burden to him.

Pickering, who offered to sell them for £30 each, said he was helping to supply dogs to the animal teaching hospital at Liverpool University.

He provides yearling greyhounds to Richard Fielding, a greyhound trainer, who gives his older dogs for free to university veterinary staff, who put them to sleep and remove organs for teaching and research.
What a sad sick industry.

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Anonymous said...

That's such a horror story. I have quoted it on my blog as well. What can we do about this?

mrbarky said...

Exposure of the practice is a good start. There aren't really any answers. I also think supporting greyhound rescue groups is a good start.

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