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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

PETA's Anti-KFC Ad Under Investigation

Britain's Advertising Standards Authority is investigating an anti-KFC ad being run by PETA.

The advertising watchdog is investigating an ad by animal rights group Peta that shows KFC's Colonel Sanders spattered in blood and about to knife a chicken, after a complaint that it was offensive and could distress children.

The ad, on the front cover of a leaflet that Peta distributes across the UK, is part of a campaign the animal rights group is running against the fast food chain under the title "KFC Cruelty".

Personally, I have no problem with this. How is it offensive? It's the truth. And as for distressing children, of course it's distressing. I find it distressing and I'm an adult. Pictures of the Holocaust and other horrible events in human history are upsetting too...but certain truths should be known. I think children need to know where their food comes from. If they still want to eat it, then they are making an informed decision. And how many children are actually being handed PETA flyers anyway?

KFC is the worst of the whole bunch in my opinion.

Photo by meganpru.

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