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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Whoopi Goldberg Calls This Culture? Disgusting.

There are lots of nasty things that one can attribute to culture: beating your wife, forcing black people to drink from different drinking fountains, even throwing widows on the funeral pyre. I fail to understand why Whoopi Goldberg could be so boneheaded in using this as a defense for Michael Vick.

"It seemed like a light went off in his head when he realized that this was something the entire country really didn't appreciated, didn't like," Goldberg said, referring to Vick's guilty plea.

Really? That light must have gone off after he lied about it Remember, he denied all knowledge of what went on in that house, and blamed it on his relatives. Is that part of his culture too?

Take a good look at the dog in the picture. It's not from the Vick case, but it may as well have been. That is what this so-called "culture" does to these animals.

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