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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

From Russia with Love (of Cats!)

Yes, Virginia, there really is a Moscow Cat Museum.

The Moscow Cat Museum has existed in Moscow since March of 1993. The Gallery of Modern Arts "INTER" is it's organizer.

The MUSEUM has collected everything, that is somehow connected with the theme of CAT in Art and Life. The "INTER" Gallery has exhibition programme "CAT'S EYE", that is the base of the exposition, which includes different works of art: paintings, graphics, ceramics, batics, tapestries, costumes, applications, dolls, installations, etc.. which show the theme of CAT through the eyes of artists, presenting every style and trend of modem art.

The artistic part of the collection includes more than 1500 works of art and is constantly expanded.

I especially love this...

The special part of the collection, that is the exhibition programme "WOMEN & CATS", shows the essence of the relations between the most exciting creatures of nature....The elite cat-shows, auctions and saling exhibitions of the works of art devoted to CAT, the contests of songs about cats, the cat film festivals, the show of theatre and dancing groups, the demonstrations of cats' fashion, perfomances are taking place in CAT MUSEUM as well as unique annual beauty contest "WOMAN & CAT" (where the jury evaluates the beauty and grace of the pair -woman and cat) and the contest "CHILDRENS' PICTURES OF CATS" (where the kids' pictures from all Russia and CIS take part, and the best of them are including to the children collection of the CAT MUSEUM).

CAT MUSEUM takes part in large international cat-shows, organizes the exhibiting of it's own collection in different places of Russia and abroad.

And I thought I was a cat lover. Sheesh!

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