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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Canadian Group Reports Tragedies in Peru

It's tough in Peru for both animal and human victims of the recent earthquake.

Peru 21 newspaper reported today that a Canadian Animal Rights group had the testimonies of earthquake victims that had to eat cats and other household pets to stay alive several days after the August 15 earthquake that struck Peru and left parts of Peru in ruins.

Shari Artadi, representative of the Canadian Animal Assistance Team (CAAT), explained today that many of Pisco's people had to eat adult cats and their own pets in the first few days after the earthquake struck because humanitarian aid did not arrive.

Artadi stated that several testimonies had been obtained in which people admitted to having eaten these types of animals and even had to sacrifice their own pets out of desperation. "We were surprised that when we inspected the city we only found kittens and no adult cats," stated Artadi.

CAAT and other groups will be helping out in Peru until September 14.

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