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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Animal Shelters in King Co. Washington "Unacceptable"

This according to a citizens advisory committee..

OK, I post this because I live in King Co. Washington. The Seattle Animal Shelter is pretty good though.

But, King Co. has always had a mediocre reputation (if not a bad one).

King County should act immediately to improve "unacceptable" conditions at its animal shelters in Bellevue and Kent and to control the spread of contagious diseases among impounded animals, several members of the County Council said Thursday in reaction to a report by a citizens advisory group.

"The advisory committee's report clearly demonstrates that King County is out of step with the community's values and capacity to provide humane care for the animals who have been entrusted to our care and to whom we have a moral obligation, " wrote four council Democrats -- Julia Patterson of SeaTac and Dow Constantine, Bob Ferguson and Larry Phillips of Seattle -- in a letter to County Executive Ron Sims.

"King County's animal services program should be a reflection of the tremendous compassion, prosperity and generosity that is found in the citizens of King County."

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