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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Animals Asia Bear Rescue

Two bears were rescued by Animals Asia in Vietnam.

This happened back in August, but I only just got their newsletter. Kudos to the Binh Thuan province Forest Protection Department in Vietnam for contacting Animals Asia after confiscating the animals from an animal trader (although they could have been treated a bit better):

Until Animals Asia’s rescue team, headed by Boris Chiao, came to pick them up 11 August 2007, the two bears were kept by the Binh Thuan FPD in the same cage and were fed a diet of mainly congee soup made from leftover food. Fortunately, the FPD contacted our Vietnam Director Tuan Bendixsen and asked Animals Asia to take the bears to our sanctuary as neither of them could be released back into the wild because both are missing front paws, probably from being snared in the wild.

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