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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

ESPN Sponsors Event That Turns into Pro-Vick Rally

I'm not sure why ESPN is doing this. How exactly did the bulk of the audience end up being pro-Vick?

Wearing No. 7 jerseys and T-shirts that proclaimed "Free Michael Vick," supporters of the disgraced Atlanta Falcons quarterback turned out for a town meeting that was supposed to expose the divided feelings over his dogfighting case.

The ESPN-sponsored event came on the same day that Vick was indicted in Virginia on state charges that could land him more time in prison. He already pleaded guilty in a federal case related to a gruesome dogfighting operation found on property he owned in his home state.

And then my favorite part:

It was clearly a pro-Vick crowd. White was cheered when he accused the media of devoting too much coverage to the case.

"At some point, enough is enough," White said. "This is overkill. He's been subjected to every kind of negative press there can be."

Boo hoo. The guy pled guilty to federal charges, OK? If Tom Brady or Peyton Manning pled guilty to felonies, do you really think it would end up by the bowling scores in the sports pages?

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