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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Why Canadians Love America

OK, maybe not all Canadians love America. Just the ranchers. And maybe Rick Mercer.

Seems that Canadian ranchers can now avoid stringent regulations on slaughtering cows by sending them across the border to the US.

The animals can be slaughtered under laxer American rules, then shipped back into Canada and sold as steak, ribs and hamburgers -- as long as the animal's high-risk tissues, known as specified risk materials, or SRM, are left behind in the U.S., Canadian officials say.

"If they take it down there and have it slaughtered and want to bring it back cut and wrapped (as meat), no problem, just as long as it comes back without the SRM," says Freeman Libby, national director of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency's feed ban task force.

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