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Friday, July 20, 2007

Help Chile's Blue Whales

Here is a blue whale action alert from the World Wildlife Fund.

The Gulf of Corcovado and ChiloƩ coast in southern Chile is one of the most important feeding and calving grounds for the imperiled blue whale, the largest known animal to have existed on Earth. But this unique environment is under threat.

Rapid economic growth and increased salmon farming, fishing, tourism, and marine traffic in the Gulf of Corcovado could now pose a threat to blue whales and the larger ecosystem they inhabit. This makes the adoption of new conservation measures an urgent priority.

The establishment of a new marine protected area has been endorsed now by the local governments in the region, the Chilean senate, and is strongly supported by conservation organizations and the scientific community. But a presidential decree and approval by the Ministry of Defense are still needed in order for the area to be finally protected.

Please help by signing the petition.

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