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Friday, July 20, 2007

Vick Co-Defendent Involved in Bizarre Watch Theft

This story is just too bizarre, but makes for an entertaining Saturday morning read (it's long). It all began in those heady days of March 2005.

This incident involved a one Quanis Phillips, who was indicted along with Michael Vick in the dog fighting case. Mr. Phillips has an arrest for possession of stolen property, and a conviction for possession with intent to distribute marijuana.

It began with a TSA employee who left his watch on the belt at the security check point. From the Post...

The sources said the videos show one of Vick's companions pick up Spencer's watch off the end of the belt at Lane 19 and carry it to where the other man is standing being screened with a wand. The sources said that on the tape Vick is standing a few feet away not looking at the two men when the man with the watch shows it to the other man. The two are seen talking, the sources said, and then looking around. The second man then puts the watch in his pocket, the sources said. He then walks over to retrieve his bag, which is next to where Vick is standing, but does not show him the watch. The two men then wait briefly for Vick and the child before leaving the security area without them. Vick follows soon after with the child. Before Vick leaves the screening area, the sources said, the video shows him putting on a watch that is not Spencer's.

The article doesn't say whether Mr. Phillips was the one who took the watch, or just the guy who said, "hey nice watch you took!" The other man, Todd Harris, is not involved in the dog fighting case that I know of.

The guy actually got his watch back, and no charges were filed. But like I said, it makes for an interesting read.

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