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Sunday, July 1, 2007

Report a Bad Zoo

Few things get me angrier than reading about the abuse of the vulnerable, whether it be children, the elderly or animals. Nothing frustrates me more than that feeling of helplessness that accompanies it.

Like the posting about cruelty in the Romanian Zoo. This is not unusual. We know there are still animals in horrible zoos, circuses and fairs throughout the world. I am still tracking down this group called Circus Atlas that we came across in Terceira, an island in the Azores. Something about them didn't seem right. But what do I do with the information I gather?

Finally, here is a positive step to take with the Traveler's Animal Alert at the Born Free Foundation. Do something positive with your anger. Support this group or, if you are a traveler, even better. Report what you see. It gives you a mission.

We are going back to the Azores this summer and this time I'll be ready.

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