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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Incredible Disappearing Vick

Looks like his has all but disappeared from the Falcon's web site and his marketing deals are going south.

"He's going to disappear, like a magic act," said Bill Sutton, a professor of sports business at the University of Central Florida. "You won't find him anywhere" in advertising or marketing in the near future.

That would complete a hard, fast fall for a player whose unique style of play and penchant for the spectacular have made him one of the NFL's most marketable players since he entered the league in 2001:

• Just two years ago No. 2 among NFL players in jersey sales, Vick has tumbled to 33rd this year, according to Neil Schwartz, director of marketing for SportScanInfo, which tracks sporting goods sales.

"I just think it's going to be really hard for Michael to somehow repair his public image unless these charges are totally false," Schwartz said.

"The American people are incredibly forgiving, but the heinous nature of what went on here may be a whole different ballgame."

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