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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Stephanie Ernst Leaves

I work, volunteer, take classes sometimes, run a household and care for five animals and a husband, so I'm not as involved in the blog community as I wish I could be. However, I certainly tried to read Stephanie Ernst's posts at's Animal Rights blog. Now I find out from Digging Through the Dirt that Stephanie has left and started a new project called Animal Rights & Anti-Oppression.

Now, obviously I don't know what exactly happened, but it is interesting that her Animal RIGHTS blog is now replaced by an Animal WELFARE blog at There is a huge difference in what each term conveys and the movement it describes.

Perhaps the new blogger is very good, but I think it's kind of lame to change the name of the blog in such an obvious way. It implies to me that they thought animal rights was too controversial so they wanted a safer, palatable alternative. If they'd kept the name, I may have kept following. But now I'm following Ms. Ernst to see what she's up to next.

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