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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Anti-Fur Activists Strike in Russia

This is something I've never heard of.

From BiteBack:
"December 5, in Izhevsk two locks on the entrances of the fur shop were filled with glue with the help of syringe, and the key holes were plastered over with the cold welding. Two big billboards were slashed, walls and sign - pelted with paint bombs.

November 27, in Sochi at the billboard of the fur shop 'The furs of Scandinavia' a slogan 'Fur = murder!' was painted. The same inscriptions appeares near the fur shops in the centre of the city.

November 26, in Petrozavodsk two fur shops were attacked with the paint bombs. On the walls of the shops spray painted inscriptions appeared: 'Killers!', 'Fur is murder!', 'Give up wearing fur!'. Similar slogans were painted on the walls of buildings on the center of the city."


Andrew said...

Mr. Barky,

Crude and surprising tactics. I'm not sure that I agree with them, but I can understand why some object to fur farming, and I suppose that these types of methods, crude as they may be, do get the message across.

Excuse my ignorance on the issue, but I wonder if there are any other materials that would offer similar benefits to fur as a clothing material in terms of comfort and insulation?

Ana said...

There are many alternatives. In fact, there are even "fake fur" materials out there. All you have to do is google "faux fur" and "fake fur" to find out more.

However, I think that many fur-wearers don't purchase it for the utilitarian purpose. So much of it is quite expensive. I think that in the kind of stores discussed here, we are talking about wealthy people who are purchasing for status rather than usefulness. Vanity is a totally different motivation than warmth.

Fluffy said...

Actually, this is not the first time that ALF visits the bloody fur trade in Russia. Last year they released thousands of minks from a fur farm somewhere in Russia which I believe bankrupted the farmer. That's what happen when societies start getting out of the cavemen era.

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