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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Meat Grown in a Petri Dish?

From an opinion piece in the Times of India....
Scientists at Eindhoven University in the Netherlands have grown in-vitro meat, using cells from a live pig to replicate growth in a petri dish. They haven't been able to actually taste
the pork they've grown because of lab rules. Nevertheless there's potential here for two giant breakthroughs. It could mean not only an end to killing animals for food, but also significantly aid the fight against climate change.
This would be great. But what is this drive to eat the flesh of a living creature? Why this stubborn disconnect from the fact that we are eating corpses? Why is that my husband won't eat bones with fat on them because they are "gross," but will eat burgers and processed meat? They come from the same source right? Or is it because one is so much cleaner and antiseptic than the other? You can forget who you are eating when it's processed so cleanly.

So many people I know get really guilty when they hear about conditions at factory farms, but then just keep eating the same things. Da da da da! It's like...hello?!

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Bea Elliott said...

"But what is this drive to eat the flesh of a living creature?"

I think it's engrained habit. Some people just feel they haven't eaten a meal unless it contained "meat" protein... Contstant education and exposure to alternatives is about the only thing that may make them realize the satisfaction of a plant based meal. IOW: persistence and patience...

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