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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Best Opinion Ever on Humans and Nature

At least to me. Read it yourself as I can't do it justice. It's by a Ugandan political scientist.

I'm sure it will make a lot of people angry. But it crystallizes the conclusions I've been heading towards for the last 40 years.

By the way, if you ever read Jared Diamond's Collapse, you'll understand why I also think this is the perfect response to his book. He wants to save the planet for humans alone. I believe we have not earned that privilege.

(Bea, I tried to email this directly to you, but your email kicked it back!)

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Bea Elliott said...

This article certainly will get many angry. A cold-hard slap of truth usually does...

With best intentions - we are still predictably concerned about our "gOd-like" entitlements to Earth. As a species, we still seek "immortality" on a planet that was never ever ours to begin with.

40 years has lead me to this path of thought as well...

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