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Monday, August 4, 2008

Stop Alaska's Aerial Hunting of Wolves

I hate the fact that Alaska gets a female governor who is hellbent on supporting the brutal aerial hunting of wolves. Where is her compassion?

Defenders of Wildlife are tireless crusaders on behalf of wolves. Here's a link to their page where you can email support of the PAW Act.

Rep. George Miller (CA) has introduced the Protect America's Wildlife (PAW) Act, legislation to close a federal loophole and curb Alaska's brutal aerial hunting program -- and prevent programs like it from spreading to places like the Greater Yellowstone region. But he needs your support to win passage of this wolf-saving measure.

Visit here and sign.


Anonymous said...

yeah, well now you are looking at the same lady as vice president.... if they win the presidential election, wolves can kiss their furry butts good-bye....

Anonymous said...

This could actually work the other way around - being in Washington will expose Gov. Palin to far more diverse interests than she has encountered thus far in Juneau. This aspect, combined with new leadership in Alaska, could create a new opportunity for policy change. At very least it should draw additional attention to the issue.

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