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Friday, August 29, 2008

Bring Palin a Wolf Leg, Get $150.00

In addition to killing wolves from airplanes, Palin supports paying cash to those that cut off their left leg and bring it in for a cash prize. How's that for state socialism?


Jeanine said...

Is there some ritual that requires a left leg of a wolf?

Anonymous said...

Why would you wish that a baby born of a botched abortion be "saved"? If the mother intended to abort the pregnancy, then it was three months or less into it's gestation period. That means that the chances of it surviving anyway are minimal at best. This child would be underdeveloped in every way and have no quality of life. It would be merely a medical experiment and here only to make you feel good. Sounds crueler to me than just letting it go. Not all lives make it. It's just fact. Ask the wolves.

Anonymous said...

totally agree.
i personally had an abortion and while it hurts me every time i think about it and yes sometimes i do regret it, but i got the abortion for a reason. if my baby was born that would hurt me even more and wouldnt want it to suffer but lets face it, if i put it up for a adoption, how many parents would want it? its the cruel way america is. oh i was adopted to and its made me attempt suicide a few times. adoption isnt always the answer and i wish almost every day i wasnt adopted.

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