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Friday, August 29, 2008

Palin Supports Brutal Method of Killing Wolves

I understand there may be some instances where predator control is necessary. I'm not an absolutist on this point. Doing it from low flying aircraft, however, is just barbaric. The wolves suffer needlessly because hunters simply wound them more often then not firing from an airplane. This is what Palin has pushed for.

Here is a video from Defenders of Wildlife that shows the method (it's under 3 minutes).

Here is more video from Current on the subject (this one is a full 10 minutes), but explains how this is mainly for the benefit of trophy hunters, not subsistence hunters that Palin claims it is for. It's worth watching.


yupyup3232 said...

FUCK that bitch palin and the alaskin hunting board
greedy fucks
FUCK PALIN im gonna riot if she goes into office

Hunting is one thing
i hunt i do it i love hunting

but killing a entire species just so you can hunt more
and then the prey grow so much that they kill themselves

Tilo Reber said...

"FUCK that bitch palin and the alaskin hunting board
greedy fucks"

Fuck you too butthead.

"but killing a entire species just so you can hunt more"

Nobody is trying to kill an entire species moron. They are trying to kill about 600 out of a population of 11,000.

"and then the prey grow so much that they kill themselves"

Again showing what a total dumb shit you are. The wolves took a caribou herd of 10,000 down to 600. Palin is simply trying to let the herd rebuild.

Tilo Reber said...

So what takes longer to die, a caribou being chewed up by a wolf or a wolf being killed from an airplane. And when it comes to chasing animals to exhaustion, the wolves do that with their game as well. And what is so humane about having the wolves kill 99% of the newly born caribou calves. Your warped sense of morality is truely disgusting. You have this idiotic idea that killing that is done by non humans is just fine, but killing that is done by humans is always abhorrent. Do you think that the caribou doesn't feel the same pain as the wolf just because it is being killed by a wolf. You have never really thought about the idiotic and over romanticized idea of nature that you have, have you?

Anonymous said...

Palin will be the worst person for the office of Vice Presidency. Look at what she was attempting to do to the wolves, the polar bear, the deer etc. She doesn't have a heart for any animals. If she gets into office, I promise you, she will oblitterate all animals in favor of big business. She will probably sell federal land to big business and futher reduce our precious population of wild life. There are already few trees and even fewer places for wild life to roam without the interference of man and now there will be even less. Why, McCain did you not consider her background before you made the decision to asked her to run for the office of Vice Presidency. My vote was going to be a republican vote, but now it will have to be a democratic vote. I can't stand by and watch this lady futher distory nature as she has been already done. My vote will change back to a republican ticket if you change out the person running for Vice President, Palin.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you anonymous, Palin has no heart and her past actions speaks volums to her true character. She will rape this precious land of ours, not only of wild animals, but also of our precious natural resources. I too had planned on voting for McCain, but I will now resolve myself to voting for Obama. Bad decision Mr. McCain.

mrbarky said...

Glad to know that you hold humans at the same level as wolves. Hope you aren't a wingnut christian like Palin. The idea is that we are better then animals. Are we? I don't see wild animals as the standards we should uphold. We're better then that. It's barbaric.

ohwhynot said...

The wolves are killing off the caribou and moose population. Wolves have multiple pups /moose,caribou do not,The chances of hunters killing off all the wolves is slim to none compared to the chances of wolves killing off the caribou.

Anonymous said...

But thats nature. Nature always finds a balance. Quit killing the wolves. Man should not interfere with nature. We are not god, thats not our place. Let nature take its course as it has for billions of years. The wolves are hunting the carribou for food not for SPORT or for personal enjoyment as man does. When man kills a/the wolve/s its not for food, its for the money, sport or personal enjoyment. SO, STOP KILLING THE WOLVES and quit interferring with nature.

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