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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Animal Rights Activists Suspected in Firebombings

A family had to escape their burning house after a firebomb was set off. Another scientist had their car set on fire on campus. That's pretty scary stuff.
The Santa Cruz incidents occurred one day after a mass e-mailing by Stop Animal Exploitation Now!, or SAEN, highlighting what the group called "mounting violations of the animal welfare act" at private labs in Santa Cruz and Berkeley. Police would not say whether there is a connection between the group and Saturday's violence. Clark would only say authorities are looking at several animal liberation groups, including SAEN.

According to SAEN's executive director, Michael Budkie, who said he was in Ohio, the group researches and highlights public records regarding use of animals in research labs. He said the group does not use violent tactics and was not involved in the attacks Saturday in Santa Cruz.

I looked on the ALF website and Biteback magazine, and neither one has any information on the incidents.

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