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Monday, July 28, 2008

Sea Shepherd Video

OK, I'm wearing my Sea Shepherd t-shirt, which is my favorite, so here is a photo montage video set to music (the images aren't disturbing).


Anonymous said...

You can't be serious about mccain. He lies constantly, makes up answers as he goes, is senile and insane. All verifiable and right out there.

Please don't consider him viable. He isn't. He's dangerous. He's a gw clone.

mrbarky said...

You do realize having a picture of grandpa Simpson isn't exactly flattering. The text (too small to read) says "Get off my lawn!"

Anonymous said...

How could a Sea Shepherd supporter be a McCain fan? He is NOT an environmentalist!

mrbarky said...

Leave the mavericky straight talker alone!!!! He's a human being (albeit a really old, cranky, and dimwitted one who wears OUTRAGEOUS $520.00 Italian loafers)!

And while your at it, get the hell off my lawn!!!

Anonymous said...

We do not support McCain. The McCain 2000 image is a joke. That's why Grandpa Simpson is on's a joke.

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