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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Animal Abuse Increasing in London

What's up with London? Dog abuse is up by a third and there has been a six-fold increase in dogs confiscated in the city in the last two years.

On the plus side...

96 people were convicted in London last year; the 2007 Animal Welfare Act has made it possible for authorities to act sooner when concerns are raised. Banning orders are up by over a quarter, investigations are up 12%, 42% more people are going to prison and all together 92% of convictions by the RSPCA resulted in a conviction.


Anonymous said...

I thik you are a pets lover but I don't understand this post?

Anonymous said...

What I'm saying in this post is that I don't understand why animal abuse is increasing in London, but it is. However, it is a good thing that prosecutions of animal abuse are also occuring. Often animal abuse goes unreported and unprosecuted. However, the 2007 Animal Welfare Act in the UK is allowing authorities to act sooner.

We are very pro-animal on this blog.

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